Project Life: Week 3

Hi Fellow Project lifer’s! you get a few post’s all at once from me today! Here is my week three. I really tried to stick to using the studio calico block party kits for the most part for this week… I did add in a little bit of my seafoam kit and some pebbles cards from their seen and noted collection (which I LOVE) I took a few close ups of this week as well. I used the little bag that came in the SC Kit as inspiration of a grocery bag and included our receipt for groceries that week.

Project Life week 31-DSC01457week 3 right sideweek 3 right side1-DSC01459

6 thoughts on “Project Life: Week 3

    1. Thanks Claire! I got the idea from one of the studio calico design team members so I can’t take all the credit. It was fun though! Nice way to add a pop of color to plain chipboard 🙂

  1. I love your title card!! Love LOVE. I’m considering putting my grocery total in Week 4. But, I went way overboard and spent almost $300. How does that happen. I think if maybe all the food lasts us two weeks, then I’ll put it my PL. Otherwise, I just want to forget that number. Yikes.

  2. Thank you so much! Trust me, Our grocery bill is usually WAY over that so I was proud I got it so low last week. I wouldn’t hesitate to pop in your receipt, maybe include your meal plan for the week too?

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