Finally found a Washi storage system that works!

So I have been on the hunt for a storage system for all the Washi tape I have accumulated. I started out in one drawer and that worked for a while but I quickly outgrew that. Washi was everywhere! You might remember my post a few weeks ago about my project life card storage using the Close To My Heart Medium organizer cases. Well those worked out so well that I got a couple of large organizers for my stamps. Those cases stacked up perfectly which made me think of the small organizer and my washi dilemma. I wasn’t too sure if my washi would fit or the rolls would be a little too big so I took a chance and ordered just one of the cases. I was so excited everything fit perfectly with a little room to spare height wise.

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20130319-084553.jpg Did I mention that these cases stack perfectly together? The only difference in the dimentions is the height of the cases.

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So now that I found that these cases work I am going to order a couple more to fit the rest of my collection (yes that was only half of my washi) in the case that I pictured I have a total of 116 rolls, some are wide washi rolls so it could fit more or less depending on the size of your washi tape. I also plan on getting one more along with the insert and small boxes so that I can organize my smaller embellishments like wood veneer.

If you would like to see these cases with the washi a little closer check out THIS youtube video.

To check out the organizers I have described and see more, check out my CTMH website at or click the blinkie on the right hand side of my page (under my photo)

Happy Crafting!

12 thoughts on “Finally found a Washi storage system that works!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I have been looking for the perfect PL storage system, and this may very well be it! I love the way it looks! I was trying to wait and see if there was going to be anything on HSN on Monday, but I think I am sold on this idea!!! Thanks again!!! And thanks for being so detailed in your descriptions!

  2. I recognize those washi tapes! They are on my card! Oh, and that package….it made me cry! You have truly touched my heart. Thank you. So glad your sister is enjoying her new toy. Oh, and by the way, the containers are cool too 🙂 I’ll be checking them out in your store. Hugs!

    1. Donna! I am so happy everything arrived 🙂 I sure hope it brightened your day half as much as you did for my sister! You are so very sweet.

  3. Just wondering (LOVE the idea BTW), do the lids come off completely or do they have to remain hinged? I would like something like this for going to crops but I find the lids get in the way if they don’t come off completely. Thanks! Lynnette

  4. Hi Lynnette, Unfortunately they cannot be removed. I haven’t found this to be a big deal though. If you would like a close up photo of the hinge part let me know 🙂 and feel free to email me if you have any additional questions

  5. So happy I found you! My craft room is a spare bedroom and I’ve finally talked my husband into letting me decorate and treat it as more of a craft room😉 I found yor blog after searching for ideas and love my project life cards stored inthese cases so I’m going to order washi “cases” now! I love storing my products enclosed as here in Arizona dust is everywhere!

    1. I am so glad it helped, Lena! I know, it get’s pretty dusty around here too but I know everything will be nice and dust free. I love my organizers!

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