Project life week 15&16

Hi Project lifers!

I just finished my week 15 and 16 a couple of days ago. I didn’t have a lot of photos for these two weeks because my daughter was sick. I decided to just do a two page spread for both weeks and call it complete!

week 15 16 Project life.

A little bit of random things thrown in here and there for this spread. Here is a close up of the left side:

week 15/16 left side

And here is the right side:

week 15 16 right side

I think the title card was most fun for me. I took watercolor paper and ran it though my silhouette cameo with the black sketch pen for the title. Then I took some water colors and just brushed around the edge in layers until I was happy with the overall look. I really wanted my title to pop and have dimension but I didn’t want to overdo it either. I took a set of close to my heart alcohol markers (similar to copics but not refillable) in the color Jasper (includes one light and one dark shade) I colored in the title, the lighter shade on top and darker on the bottom to give it a bit of an ombre look. I liked how it came out but it didn’t feel finished to me, so I took a cool gray copic sketch marker and marked the shadow of where the letters would be. I was surprised how doing so little popped the title so much. I am really glad I got over my fear of using these awesome markers! Another little thing I learned while working on this title card, was that my white water based sharpie marker works GREAT at covering little mistakes! I accidently stamped the wrong date (by the #16) so I marked over it once, let it dry, and did it again, let it dry and it was great to stamp again.

PL Title card for combo week spread. Watercolor and copics.

Later this week I will be posting some non-project life layouts that I was able to work on over the weekend and maybe a card project or two!

Till then…. Happy Crafting!

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