Project Life: Week Nineteen, including bad days in your album.

Hi Project Lifers!

This week I bring you a pretty challenging layout for me. Not so much of how to embellish or what photos to include but for the first time I had to decide if I was going to include a bad/sad day that happened this week. I debated for a while… which is why I didn’t up posting yesterday like planned. More about that later. First, This is what the entire spread for week 19 looks like:

Project life week 19

I knew I wanted my title card to be fun, it’s the one thing that I think I embellish most on my Project Life spreads. I remember back in the early days of scrapping , shaker boxes were really popular. So I thought, hey why not make a shaker card title for my week 19! That is exactly what I did. With the help of my silhouette I created this fun shaker title card filled with glitter, sequins, and buttons.

Project life week 19

Here is a close up of the left side with the title card in the page protector.

Project life week 19

If you are a iPhone user you might have had the chance to play with the new app “A Beautiful Mess” I love this app and its so fun to add a little bit of whimsy and journaling on your photos.

Project life week 19

Here is a close up of the right side.

Project life week 19

A couple of things about this side of the layout. First on the top left card that says OPEN House I used a stamp from studio calico that said OPENME. I took a piece of washi tape and covered the “me” before inking it up. It was a nice way to get more use out of this stamp and not have to cut apart my stamps.

Second, for the book fair card I used a page from an old dictionary on top of a white plain project life card. Sometimes the most effective embellishments can be very simple.

And lastly, the hardest part of my layout was the extremely sad day that I had this week. I decided that if I only document our lives in the wonderful everyday moments then I am not being completely truthful and authentic. Everyone has bad days and this was one of mine. I did however hide the journaling which is written on the back of the “A mommy sad day” card. I loved that this particular card from my studio calico monthly kit had journal lines on the back. So the journaling is there for me to reflect but not out there so whoever flips though our family album can read what is very personal to me. I included one of the filter transparencies over the sad selfie photo.

Project life week 19

I hope you enjoyed my view of week 19. I promise next week is far more happy!

Project Life Tuesdays

Make sure you check out for even more Project Life inspiration. There are some fabulously talented ladies that link up to the equally talented Jessica Turner.

Happy Crafting!

7 thoughts on “Project Life: Week Nineteen, including bad days in your album.

  1. I think especially for PL pages you need to document the good and the bad, hope everything gets better soon

  2. I love the shaker weekly card – looks great! And I also think it’s great that you included the bad with the good/everyday. I try to do the same

  3. Love the shaker box card – its a great touch on your page. And I love that you included something not so happy – I think we need to remember all our moments – good and bad.

  4. That shaker box is fantastic.
    I think it’s important to include the bad and the good. It’s good to remember that things aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. Also, I like that you hid the journaling on the back of the card. Knowing me I would probably forget it was even there!

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