Happy 100th Day of School!

So last week I told you about an assignment my first grade daughter had coming up. The assignment was to bring in 100 things for the 100th day of school. Well we worked all weekend (its rough being a model when your 6 years old) and in my opinion the end result definitely paid off! Here are the simple instructions if you would ever like to do the same thing for your little ones.

Step one: Pick up a poster frame at your local discount store (we got ours from target) and also a roll of wrapping paper in a solid color (my daughter chose Pink, big surprise there)



Step two: Disassemble the frame and wrap the backing, its usually cardboard. What I did was take my scrapbooking adhesive gun and put adhesive all over the cardboard, cut a piece of the wrapping paper big enough to overlap the cardboard a bit and then smoothed it out on the surface. Then i just trimmed off the extra paper all around the edges of the cardboard.



Step Three: Now for the fun part. Break out your camera, dig around your house for any sort of props you can find, crazy hats, red lipstick, funny glasses, scarves…. anything at all, definitely get your child involved in this as they have fantastic imaginations! take a neural colored sheet or big piece of fabric and drape it over some kinda surface, we used two tall chairs to hold the sheet up. Then let the fun begin! Take lots and lots of photos, your going to need 100 but not all of them will make the cut so have them make silly faces, think of every emotion they could show on their face, give them hats and silly mustaches and see how they play to the camera. I used my iPhone 4s for all of my photos for the convenience factor…. then I grouped them in 4 to a photo using an app called Picframe. after I put them all 4 to a photo I printed them on my Canon Selphy CP900 wirelessly (seriously, the best little photo printer ever). Then I trimmed each photo down. I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the title (Stampin’ Up teal cardstock and American Crafts gold POW glitter paper)



Step 4: I first figured out how much space i needed by putting 10 photos across and 10 photos down (I should of bought a bigger frame but it turned out that I liked the overlapping photos) Then I placed my title at the top and the bottom. I felt it needed a bit something more so I took a black fine tip pen and outlined each of the teal letters. Using a glue stick, I adhered the title all down first. Be sure to allow about a half inch of space all the way around your covered cardboard, the “frame part” will cover up some of your words if you don’t.



Step Five: Arrange your photos 10 across and 10 down so you know what your spacing will be. Then just fill in the rest of your photos, overlapping them a little if unnecessary. I adhered the photos down with a little bit of scrapbooking adhesive in the center, just enough to move them around if needed. Then once you have all the photos set the way you like, place the plastic that came with the frame back on top. You will want to carefully slide the black rims back on each side. As a side note suggestion that I learned for when we did this for my son’s 100th day project, you will want to apply a little bit of glue on the inside of those black rims. I used a tacky glue pen before I slid the black rims on, worked out perfectly.



Isn’t it adorable? I snapped this picture without the plastic in place for the sake of glare (that’s why you see small gaps in the rim of the frame, once I put the plastic on everything held together perfectly)

This was a super fun project to do with my daughter. Took a bit longer than it should of cause I was sick, but she had a great time. Now not only will she have a great project to share with her friends in class Monday, she will have a keepsake from first grade that she can hang on to forever (my 13 year old son still has the one we did for him in Kindergarten).

Have you done anything unique and fun for the 100th day of school? I would love to hear your ideas! Please comment below! Have a great week everyone!

14 thoughts on “Happy 100th Day of School!

  1. You’re so Creative! Each photo is wonderful. Taegan is so darling!!! A forever keepsake is the best part of all. I just Love it!

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