Creating a Sequin Station for your craft space.

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I am revisiting a previously posted idea a few months ago that I used for small embellishment storage. Ever since I purchased the sequins in the whimsical Twist shop I have been HOOKED on sequins and use them on a lot of my projects. Getting in and out of the little baggies was getting to be a little bit of a pain so I thought back to that organization blog post I had done, You can see that original post HERE. I thought that it would be nice to have one set up just for sequins so that’s just what I did.

Here is what I used. First a K-Cup storage spinner (I got mine at walmart for about $24 but I have also found the same size on Amazon HERE) and a package of Diamond brand mini condiment cups and lids (I got mine at a grocery store in my area, safeway, for about $3)

Little Bits and Sequin Storage

Cups for storage @

I emptied all of my sequins in each cup keeping the colors separated, depending on your collection you might want to combine certain colors or shades of the same color.

Sequins-Station @

sequins-station-close-up @

Super simple and inexpensive. It takes up very little space and makes using them and clean up a breeze because you’re not dumping the sequins out on your table. The added bonus it looks really pretty out and makes me happy when I look at all the fun color!

Suggestion for those that are going out shopping for your kcup holder, I took one of the mini cups with me to make sure it fit well. There are holders out there that are just a bit too small to hold the cup so to be sure, test it out before you buy it.

Don’t forget to stock up on all the great color sequins that is currently in the Whimsical Twist shop and check back for more fun sequins that will be in the shop soon! While your there don’t forget we have an awesome sale on all your Basic Gray favorites too!!

BasicGray sale @ Whimsical Twist!

I hope you enjoyed this organization inspiration!

Have a Whimsical Weekend!

The Crafty Pickle

11 thoughts on “Creating a Sequin Station for your craft space.

  1. I snatched a Keurig rack off the top of my neighbor’s trash on New Year’s Eve with the idea of doing this for my craft room. Discussed it with a friend by email and she sent me a Pinterest photo. Thankfully, your photo was watermarked with your blog name. I went to Target and got the same cups but they were 2 ruler marks (math is not my forte) off. I finally found some red Hefty Mini-Me 2 oz. cups at Hellmart that I knew would fit because I took my tape measure with me BUT they don’t have lids. I am sooooooo disappointed. The Keurig rack that I am trying to repurpose has a flat lazy-susan bottom and room for 27 cups. This was a FABULOUS idea of yours and I thank you for sharing it.

    1. Thanks so much! I think the problem with the cups is because the spinner I used was the Kcup VUE organizer. they are just a bit bigger 😦 Sounds like those little cups were a great idea though. if you ever need to cover them you could probably use clear wrap and a rubberband (keep the dust off)

      Thank you for the sweet comments. Happy new year!

      1. Taniesa – You hit the nail on the head for why I wanted lids – dust! Happy New Year to you, too.

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