Project life week 9 and 10

So I didn’t have a lot of photos for either weeks 9 or 10 so I thought I would just combine the two weeks into one spread. I think it came together pretty well. I anticipate that this might happen again though the year. Its nice to know I don’t have to try to cram in a bunch of extra stuff to fill up a two page spread just for the sake of doing a two page spread every week.

week 9:10 full

week 9:10 left sideweek 9:10 right side


For the title card I got the idea from an instagram photo I saw using this studio calico “&” card. I went to try and find it again and I couldn’t so If someone knows who had used this same idea please let me know so I can give proper credit.  I loved the look and thought it would be perfect for a two week title card. I used similar colored embroidery floss to do the arrow stitching. I stamped the dates in gold ink and used the little yellow stickers from studio calico for the week 9 and week 10 title.

week 9:10 title card


I am one of those girls who needs her cup of coffee first thing in the morning before anything else. Once my alarm goes off I go straight to the coffee maker and then wake the kids. I wanted to stay simple with my photo and figured no journaling was needed beyond “6am”. I love these little wood veneer hearts from Studio Calico and Freckled Fawn (I pulled hearts from the two different packs I had).

week 9:10 latte love


So this week we had quite the shake ordeal. We ended up having to go to McDonalds several days (and more than one McDonalds as well) just to get my little girl her shamrock shake she had been wanting so much. It was pretty funny when you think about it but the frustration that we went though in the process was NOT fun!

unlucky close up journaling close up week 9:10 shake success


So there is my week 9 and 10. I am starting to feel better being more caught up. I figure I will always be a couple of weeks behind but thats ok, thats caught up enough for me. It’s when I get more than a month behind that I start feeling more pressure and stress.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Happy Crafting!

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