The quest for the perfect white pen.

I think every scrapbooker, mixed media artist, carmaker,and paper crafter has asked the question, “What is the best white pen out on the market?”. I really think it depends on the user. Some prefer bold lines while others want fine polished lines. I thought I would do a little experiment for those of you out there that are shopping for a good white pen. My hope is to save you from making a bad purchase and wasting your money and directing you to a white pen that you love.

Lets start out with the pens that in my opinion are junk for a paper crafter


These three pens didn’t even show up on black cardstock at all. The sharpie is oil based which is why I gave a thumbs down, their water based paint markers are some of my favorites.


The first set of pens I would consider for detail work and journaling. I have found that I reach for my signo and my extra fine tip sharpie the most. The soufflé pen has a cool dimensional feel to it once dried. The distress marker and zig chalk writer would be a nice option if you are doing a chalkboard kind of effect.


The second set here is more bold and I think better for large lettering or white ink needs on a larger scale. The Elmer’s painters marker was a little iffy for me. Came out kind of watery as took longer to dry. The galaxy marker is just okay as I felt it wasn’t sharp enough in the end


So there you have it. I am sure there are white pens out there that I haven’t tried. If you have a pen you LOVE and it isn’t mentioned here I would love to hear about it! I hope this helps you decide what the best white pen is for your crafty projects.

Happy crafting!

2 thoughts on “The quest for the perfect white pen.

  1. What an amazing review! Thanks so much for doing this? I’ve wondered about all the white pens, but my local retailers don’t carry many, so this is helpful.

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