Welcome to Christmas in July @TheCraftyPickle!!!

Hard to believe we are already in mid July! Where has the time gone? Before you know it the holidays will be upon us again so for today and the rest of this month I am going to have christmas themed posts for you all to inspire you to finish up your December Daily (or get started on your 2013 foundation pages), Start making those christmas cards so its not so chaotic come November, and perhaps a few gift ideas as well.

To kick off my Christmas in July I am joining up with a bunch of very talented ladies in a Christmas Blog Hop! If you are following the hop in order you just came from Margareta‘s blog!

Christmas In July Blog hop @thecraftypickle

Welcome to the Christmas in July Blog Hop, inspiring you to get out your christmas stash and use it before all the new collections are introduced this month at CHA! Join the fun and create something too, use the hashtag #scrapbookchristmas in twitter, facebook or instagram.

Now I have a confession. I started out last December extremely excited about December Daily! I got my album all prepped and ready and I even did pages for the first and the second! Then, I Just got busy and said “oh nooo problem, I will catch up this weekend” well you guessed it I was busy then too. Then I thought well I will just wait until after christmas is over and then knock the whole thing out the last week of December. Yeah…. Didn’t work so well. SO being very excited about all the new christmas product coming out I figured I better get a move on and get 2012 done so I can figure out my 2013 (I may change my format) The pages I am about to show you are Dec. 1 to Dec. 12 which I pretty much completed all yesterday afternoon (Procrastinators unite!) I Plan on showing you 13-25 at the end of this week or beginning of next week. I WILL finish this album!!!

Here is a look at my album cover.

December Daily@thecraftypickle.com

I started with a Simple Stories SN@P album in green. I altered the cover with a few layers of gesso, with the last layer being one to just add some texture. I sprayed with Mister Huey’s Calico Shine on the top and added a embellished tag. The spine has the date and a cute wood veneer tree that I painted with some nail polish.

December Daily@thecraftypickle.com

I decided to only paint the front cover. The inside of the cover I attached a glassine envelope and added a little tag. Originally I was going to put a DVD of home movies here. I still might but this fills the spot for now. The die cut on the title page is from Lori Whitlock and paper is from October Afternoon.

December Daily@thecraftypickle.com

Day one: Lego advent! I loved advent calendars when I was a little girl so I got my own little girl one this year. She LOVED it. I especially love the picture of her holding the little lego doll, a reminder that her hands were this small once.

December Daily@thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily@thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily@thecraftypickle.com

Day number two we celebrated my niece’s 5th birthday. I used October Afternoon’s Cakewalk line in this two page spread. The photo of the two cousins giggling always makes me smile every time I see it.

December Daily@thecraftypickle.com

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

Day number three we finally got around to naming our Elf on the Shelf so she could get her magic! Cupcake it is. We had so much fun for our first year doing Elf on the Shelf!

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

The letters that spell ELF and SHELF were cut out using the silhouette as well as lots of the other die cuts on this page and other pages within the album. What I did differently with these though is that I took a Brilliance Gold mini ink pad and dabbed it all over the letters, I let it dry for a little bit (it stays wet for quite some time) and then I took some gold ZING embossing powder and sprinkled it on the letters lightly. I Heat embossed the letters and it gave it some added metallic shine and texture that I loved. You will see I repeated the technique a lot in my album because I loved the effect. In the photo it looks a little dull but in person its very shiney.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

December Daily-1-23December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

Day four we trimmed our tree. All the kids had fun going through our ornaments and remembering when they got theirs or made which ones. Its always my favorite part about decorating is seeing how special these ornaments are to my children.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

The little dots around the photo below were made with an embossing marker and adding gold ZING embossing powder to add to the twinkle of the photo.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

For Day five I just had a photo of our Elf, Cupcake, writing a little hello message to Taegan. This was one of the most favorite things Cupcake did that Taegan loved (besides she got to eat all the marshmallows after!)

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

and on day 6, my son got new glasses.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

The glasses in the title were cut with the silhouette. The other glasses were stamped using a brand new release stamp from close to my heart *bonus sneak peek* . For the title “NEW” I cut one set and a shadow set from the silhouette. I dabbed platinum ink on the top letters and covered it with silver glitter ZING embossing powder.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

(I realized that I completely forgot to photograph day 7 and 8 *OooOps* so I will have to go back and do those this week)

Day 9 was a VERY special day for my husband and my family. Baptism Day. My husband chose such a wonderful time of the year to be baptized. For our entire marriage he was not a believer but at the end of summer 2012 he gave his life to Christ. I was honored and humbled at being able to witness the experience and transformation God has done in my husband.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

Transparencies were really hard to come by since Hambly studios went out of business. So one afternoon I got out some foam stamps, packing bubbles, and anything else i could find along with some acrillic paint and some blank transparencies and decided to make my own. They were very easy and I just let them dry overnight. I made about a dozen in total.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

You know that song “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth”? Yeah we got to hear that one A LOT this year!!!!!

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

She was a super cute toothless sweetheart! In her words “the best thing about having no front teeth is that you have a place for your straw and you can whistle though the space” …. I love the things kids say!

My Day 11 was documenting that even though we are in a festive busy month we still have our normal everyday tasks, chores, and daily life that we have to do.

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

Day 12 was a super fun day for us. We managed to do everything we possibly could with the number 12! I even had a 12 year old to take a photo of! Some of the things we did were: Call 12 special people in our lives and talk for 12 minutes ONLY, Baked 12 cupcakes, bought 12 lottery cards, Boiled 12 eggs for breakfast, I reached my lucky 12 at starbucks for a free drink, Stayed up until 12:12 at midnight on 12-12-12 and again at noon making sure to text my husband at that exact minute. Our little elf, Cupcake even had her “twelve” fun with some Rice Krispies!

December Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.comDecember Daily @ Thecraftypickle.com

I hope you enjoyed your first peek into my 2012 December Daily. I promise lots more Christmas in July is coming though the rest of this month at The Crafty Pickle. Until then Hop along to some of these other talented ladies blogs to see more yuletide inspiration!

Next on the hop is Smitha

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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Christmas in July @TheCraftyPickle!!!

  1. I love your daily and the spine and the sparkle throughout and the scripty sparkle across the photo and he elf on a shelf photos and the Lego one. Love it all

  2. This is such a pretty December Daily. I love how you used non-Christmasy papers on some pages. It adds a lot of variety and looks amazing.

  3. I love your DD, seeing it on your blog makes me excited to start one for 2013! I got my kids lego advent as well, star wars ones, and it is SO fun! I just wish they wouldnt lose them one minute after putting them together, its one of those.. do you have to play with it, when it is so cool that i wanted to hoard it forever! (but i let them play.. im not that mean)

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