Project Life mini for my 2013 December Daily…

I love the concept of December Daily started by Ali Edwards, and Journal your Christmas by Shimelle Lane. 2012 was the first year that I took part in a christmas mini album and I love the idea of having a mini album to bring out every year for our family and friends to reflect on past holiday memories. I have to say that it was just a bit overwhelming to keep up with the actual album (as you saw in yesterday’s post) so this year I am going at it Project Life style. I had been thinking about this since last year. “Should I just do December Daily in my regular Project life album?” “Should I just make a christmas album and add to it every year?” “Do I forget the idea altogether and continue on doing what I had been doing in traditional scrapbooking?”

Today I finally made the decision that I will indeed keep a mini album for every year to come out when the holiday decorations come out (I think it feels more special that way) and with the christmas mini kit reveal on Becky Higgins Blog today it got me even more excited about my decision. I will do my December Daily/Journal your Christmas album in a Project Life mini album.

Here is a peek at the new Merry & Bright mini kit collection that will be hitting store shelves this October.

MerryAndBright by Becky HigginsThere is a number of mini album colors that will work perfectly, I am still undecided on which I will choose. Decisions, Decisions. All of the following albums are available on amazon now.

Red album Rain albumivory kiwi

I am in the process of taking my leftover christmas papers and cutting them down to 3×4 and 4×6 to make it easy to grab as fill in pieces in the album. I will be showing you a bit of how I plan on organizing myself to do my christmas album this year in another post. I plan on making this year as SIMPLE as possible so that I stay on track and don’t get overwhelmed like last year.

How about you? Are you changing up your christmas album process this year? Do you have any helpful tips to survive the christmas documenting process? I would love to hear from you!

Looking for more project life inspiration? As always, I am linking up with The Mom Creative who shares her album every week and links up with several other talented project lifers.

Project Life Tuesdays

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Crafting!

2 thoughts on “Project Life mini for my 2013 December Daily…

  1. Hi Tanisea Thanks for reminder that Christmas and any related memory keeping project is not too far away now. I’ve attempted a December Daily album for the past two years, and even last year when l thought l was keeping it pretty simple….l still couldn’t keep up. BUT, i’m really happy that l did something, and even if it isn’t a complete set of pages for the month…..l’ve still recorded some lovely memories. Will need to start thinking about what l’ll do this year…..

  2. Good ideas. May try one for this year although I usually keep it all in my regular PL album.
    Will be interested to see your process.

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