More Embellishment Organization!

Organize your Flair buttons! More

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while but I am back to share an idea of how to organize and store your flair buttons/badges.

I actually struggled with this one and searched for a solution everywhere. At first I had all of mine in a jar but that was a pain to sift though.

I saw ideas of putting them flat in CD cases. Putting them in packaging inside a basket and flipping though them, even putting them in coin page protectors and placing in a binder. All very clever ideas but none of which I thought would work for me.

I knew that they needed to be organized by color. If you have seen my previous posts you know that I organize nearly everything by color. I also knew that I needed something that would have room to add more than my current collection. I didn’t want to have to have multiple cases for one type of embellishment (except washi tape and PL cards, those don’t count ).

While I was at Michaels in the beading section I came across a fantastic sectioned organizer (for bead organization) and it was really reasonable ($5.99) It had more space than a embroidery floss organizer box ($2.99) and I figured it just might work. Here is my little button collection.

Organize your Flair buttons! More

Organize your Flair buttons! More @TheCraftyPickle.comIn addition to organizing by color I have 4 sections dedicated to seasonal buttons. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. There is also multi-colored button sections and spaces for specific themed flair.

Organize your Flair buttons! More

Organize your Flair buttons! More

I think this little case would also be perfect for shaped paperclips, buttons, and wood veneer as well! If you have a larger collection or want a bit more portability I would suggest the Close to my heart small organizer with the foam insert and small craft boxes. I store my wood veneer in those and it works out really well for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Crafting!

The Crafty Pickle

3 thoughts on “More Embellishment Organization!

  1. Question…When you purchase the medium container, how many dividers does it include? How many spaces does that make inside?

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