Project Life Tuesday: Sneak Peek edition

Yes. I do know we are in week 21, I am a bit behind but you know what, I am completely ok with this. I even planned to show you my entire week 18, however life happens and summer vacation started. I decided to spend the day making a fun summer bucket list with my 6-year-old instead.

Last night after everyone was in bed and the house was quiet I was able to play a little and finished most of my week 18, including this title card that was SO much fun to make.

Project Life Title Card.

I was inspired by a layout I had seen using different colored sequins behind a word, and thought it would make the perfect project life title card. (I had forgotten where I saw it, instagram I think? If someone knows please do let me know so I can give proper credit to the inspiring scrapbooker.)

Project Life Title card close up

At first I started gluing each sequins down one by one with some liquid adhesive. after one row of that though I had dried glue on my fingers and the row didn’t end up as straight as I would have liked. So I thought about just putting down glue dots but that seemed time-consuming too. Then I had a fabulous idea. I ran my 4×6 card though my Xyron machine! I turned the adhesive side up and started sticking the sequins down. I was finished in about 10 minutes, now THAT was far more doable than how I started out. After I glued my sequins I cut another 4×6 card with WEEK cut out in the card. I also cut out eighteen from the same white cardstock. I used the card with the week negative space to layer on top with some pop dots. I colored the word eighteen in with some gray copic markers and added some shine with my glitter pen to the top layer. I finished everything off with some outlining and date stamping. I am pretty pleased with how it came out.

So not a full Project Life Tuesday from me today. I will have the full spread to show soon. For now I am linking up with who has a TON of ideas and links to other talented project lifers. I hope you will enjoy what you see over there as much as I have.

Happy Crafting!