A Simple idea to help with Project Life.

I know there are a lot of free digital templates out there for Becky Higgins Project Life page protectors, I love those for scribbling notes in. However, I found that when I sat down with my photos for the week, I start by sorting my photos in my album on top of the page protector because I need to move them around and visually see how they will fit. Moving the album on and off my desk got real annoying so I tried just having the page protector out in the open to pop down on my desk to stay until I finished arranging and embellishing. This worked out far better! I only had a problem of the page protectors sliding around everywhere because I wanted one of each of the plastics out to decide which to use.

So here is what I did to solve my problem, its such a simple idea I had to share! I took those page protectors (one of every design, A-J) and slipped in a solid color piece of cardstock (you could even slip in grid or plain cards if you wanted), I put the corresponding letter in the upper left hand corner with some old sticker numbers I had and hooked them all on a large binder ring. I keep this on a hook that is on my Raskog cart from Ikea that way I can easily grab it and decide what design I want to use.

photo (1)photo (2)photo

Super simple right? It made a big difference for me though and now I am branching out to add more PP styles and inserts in my album. Maybe this little tip will help you too!

Happy Crafting!