Organizing FlairTastic Friday!!!

Happy Friday Y’all!!!

This is the last in our series in FlairTastic Friday!!  It is all about organization organization organization!!! Let us see what you got in the order of organization…

This is what Taniesa has for you:

I saw ideas of putting them flat in CD cases. Putting them in packaging inside a basket and flipping though them, even putting them in coin page protectors and placing in a binder. All very clever ideas but none of which I thought would work for me.

I knew that they needed to be organized by color. If you have seen my previous posts you know that I organize nearly everything by color. I also knew that I needed something that would have room to add more than my current collection. I didn’t want to have to have multiple cases for one type of embellishment (except washi tape and PL cards, those don’t count ).

While I was at Michaels in the beading section I came across a fantastic sectioned organizer (for bead organization) and it was really reasonable ($5.99) It had more space than a embroidery floss organizer box ($2.99) and I figured it just might work. Here is my little button collection.

Organize your Flair buttons! More

Organize your Flair buttons! More

Organize your Flair buttons! More

In addition to organizing by color I have 4 sections dedicated to seasonal buttons. Spring, summer, fall, and winter. There is also multi-colored button sections and spaces for specific themed flair.

This is from Joann:

She sent me this idea that she found on the internet- Clipboard at a glance -love this idea..check out the link!!!


Here is a link to her post:

This is some great ideas that I found out on Pinterest:


Use an old letterpress drawer or curio shelf to organize embellishments….

Here is a link to her blog to see how she used this letter press to organize here project life embellishments

And then one last one I had to share…. Here   


Thus looks so awesome and you can for sure see all your fair in one place!!!

Stop by The Crafty Pickle Etsy Shop if you haven’t been by recently. We will be releasing a few little things between now and our next big release. We will also be having a big TCP Birthday celebration in August with giveaways and a brand new exclusive foil flair!

Dont forget to use the hashtag #FlairTasticFriday to play along with us!

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