Organizing Tip: Cling Stamps & 6×6 Paper Pads!

Good Morning!  Today I’d like to share with you one of my favorite organizational products ever!  And it just happens to be the My Acrylix Organizers from Close to My Heart!

ctmh container6As a former consultant for 5 years (and my best customer), and having been a loyal customer ever since, I have amassed quite the My Acrylix stamp collection!  I absolutely LOVE the quality and versatility of the clear cling stamps–and with the CTMH My Acrylix organizers the stamps are so easy to store and access quickly when I want to sit down and craft.  The containers are stackable, have a hinge-top lid with a handle (so you can pack up your favorite sets easily for crops!), and they retail for only $14.95 each. ctmh container1I have added to my container storage as I have added to my stamp collection and it has been well worth the investment to have a cohesive place to keep all my stamps neatly (especially since my craft room is also our family dining room). ctmh container2

Each container stores 15 CTMH stamp sets right in their envelopes!  ctmh container3

And if you have collected other brands of cling stamps, you can make them fit to flip through them and store them in the containers as well.  I ordered Avery Elle clear stamp envelopes to store my sets where the plastic packaging had ripped and they fit right in! ctmh container4

I have also recently discovered that my hoard of 6×6 paper pads will also fit inside of these handy storage boxes–which opens a whole new world of organizational possibilities!  Think about putting together little “kits” with these boxes to make pulling one down and crafting quick and easy without having to dig through your whole stash!  For example, you can put your Fall 6×6 pads, stamp sets, and a few embellishments all in one organizer!  (Each organizer comes with 2 removable dividers that create 3 sections inside.)  ctmh container5

I hope that you learned of a useful product on the market today that will help you get organized and therefore make it easier to access and use more of your stash!  I really couldn’t live without these and it’s a system that really works for me!

Happy Crafting!


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I know, I’m at it again…..

I PROMISE this week I will be posting a few weeks worth of my Project life spreads (I am really excited to share them with you too) but for today I am doing a product spotlight for the Close To My Heart Large organizer.


You have seen my posts on how the medium organizer is PERFECT for project life card organization (if you haven’t  check out my past post I am still giving away a set of organizing tabs for every medium case ordered until the 19th). You also may of seen my Washi Tape organizing solution using the CTMH Small organizer (best solution I have found that works really well for my tape obsession collection) But now I have to share an idea that I discovered totally by accident. It’s kind of a funny story…. So I am a fairly new consultant for CTMH and during my first month as a consultant I sold some cases for project life organization via my website ( I saw only the large and the small on the website so I assumed the case I had for my cards was the large. So my lovely customers ordered the cases and while they were in route to them I discovered that the medium cases were the ones they wanted and they were out of stock *OH NO* I felt so completely horrible that I made such a mistake. I contacted these kind ladies and explained my situation and told them rather than have them go through the hassle of shipping back to CTMH waiting on a refund or an exchange and having to absorb MORE shipping charges that I would just purchase the cases from them and refund all shipping fees. This left me with two lovely large organizers. I figured that I would just use them for stamp storage. Goodness knows I need to get my stamps under control. While this worked out pretty well for my stamps (Its actually very ideal for CTMH stamps, they fit PERFECTLY) its not quite what I wanted. I am still contemplating using Kinsey Wilson’s stamp organization system she did for hers (check it out here: ) So I was brainstorming how to use them beings that I am still working on reorganizing my scrapbook loft. I ended up finding the perfect solution and goes perfectly with the other organizers as I use them all for Project life. my 6×6 paper pads! Take a look!

For more info visit or


I am still not completely happy with the dividers I am using, Going to play around with the cameo and see if I can make something prettier but for now these get the job done. I have them organized by manufacturer except for christmas themed ones as I had so many of those. You could be extra fancy and use the dividers made to fit this case by CTMH (they are quite pretty) I Just haven’t got my hands on them yet.


These Large organizers stack with the medium and small organizers perfectly, they have a little grove in them so they fit without sliding all over the place. I have mine stacked in a trio when I am not popping the medium one in my ikea cart for use. (they all fit in the popular Ikea RÅSKOG cart as well, I will post photos of this on my instagram)

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For more info visit or

The large organizers just got back in stock and I am so excited because some of you have been waiting for yours. I hope this 6×6 paper storage idea helps you gain control of your cute little paper pads like it did mine. If you would like to order one please contact your CTMH consultant or order from me here: (this link takes you directly to the organizers)

Happy Crafting (and organizing)