Remembering Dad

Remembering Dad

This Father’s Day will be particularly hard for me and my family this year. We lost our Dad in February to a traumatic accident.
My Dad was an awesome guy and the life of the party. We know that he wouldn’t want us to be sad on this day, so I decided
we would celebrate him on Father’s Day. Taniesa created some special flair for me so that I could use them to create cards for my
PL album. I have to say when I first saw them , I cried and I couldn’t believe how perfect and how special these were.

First I wanted to create a card using this My Favorite Memory of my Dad flair so I could document that memory of my Dad.


His grandchildren called him Superman, they seen him as a strong man who could get through anything, so I wanted to create
a card to honor our ” Superman” using a custom flair of a photo of my Dad.


Lastly I wanted to share a lovely gift that Taniesa sent to me for my family and me to wear on Father’s Day, how special is this ribbon and its something we could wear every Father’s Day!!


I love how special these custom flair are and how they will help us celebrate and remember my Dad on this Father’s Day.

Taniesa can create custom flair for you no matter the subject, just send her a message in The Crafty Pickle shop and let
her know what you are looking for.

Treasa for

Life is like a box of chocolates, and so is this great altered gift!

Hi Crafty Friends!

Today I bring you something different from a scrapbook page, card or project life layout. Fathers day is coming up and I know most dads will be wishing for power tools and sports tickets. My Dad likes all those things too, but my Dad also loves chocolate! I made a few of these gifts in the past, but for women. This time around I’m giving it a whirl with a fun masculine feel to it!

Simple, affordable, and far more adorable than any store-bought card. An altered box of chocolates is the perfect gift for anyone, even Dad!

For this gift I bought a box of chocolates from our local grocery store for about $10, but you could go more expensive or less expensive if you wanted. I would estimate the entire project cost me a total of $15. The box already had a white/red/gold color scheme to it so I decided to just run with what was already there and picked products that went along. Here is some quick shots I took on the iphone before I started (please forgive the glare and fuzzy “before” photos).

The top:


The back:


And the side:


I felt I picked a really easy box to work with, it was already pretty on its own and the size was perfect for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

Here is a photo of box top and side once I finished altering it.

Alter a box of chocolates for a gift!

Alter a box of chocolates for a gift!

I started with the side of the box. I added gold washi tape along the top lid side and again repeating on the bottom side of the box. I then added a frame of red metallic washi tape on the top of the lid. Once that was finished I began working on the lid cover.

Alter a box of chocolates for a gift!

For the script writing you see in red, that was all done using my silhouette, a red pigment journaling pen and a pen holder made by Amy Chomas.***I will be doing a product review this coming week on Amy’s pen holder, the silhouette sketch pen holder, and the silhouette sketch pens.*** Then I cut out the title in a gold cardstock and the chocolates in various brown shades. If you are wanting the numbers for the silhouette cut files I used they are: Design ID #12274 and Design ID #12223.

I added shading with both chalk and copic markers. I also added some glitter accents using the Copic Atyou Spica glitter pens.

The brown grosgrain ribbon was attached around the top lid only. I made a flat bow by making a “ring” of ribbon and folding that flat. I pinched the two ends to the center of the ring and added a staple. I added another piece of ribbon to cover the staple, securing it with a couple of glue dots.

That completed the top and side portion, and while you can stop there and it would be just adorable, I decided to add a little more fun to the box and cover the bottom as well.

Alter a box of chocolates for a gift!

The bottom was quickly completed by layering text boxes within a framed shape. It is my personal opinion that any chocolate gift should be calorie free so I made it so *wink*!  I added some more silly, fun text that should make my dad smile. Printed it out, trimmed it with my paper trimmer and stuck it to the bottom of the box. I then added one more chocolate die cut for some color.

Alter a box of chocolates for a gift! @thecraftypickle.comAlter a box of chocolates for a gift! @thecraftypickle.comAlter a box of chocolates for a gift!

You could make this for nearly any occasion and customize it so many different ways. I don’t think that I will ever give a “plain” box of chocolates again.

Happy Crafting!